Banjo Newsletter Interview!

So excited and honored to be featured in the August issue of Banjo Newsletter! The Banjo Newsletter is the premiere newsletter for all things banjo, and has been a go-to resource for myself and for banjo players around the world for tab, forums, articles, and all of things you could dream up! I am so thrilled to be including on this month’s cover!

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by one of my role models and banjo heros, Cathy Fink. We go in depth about my creative process and how I view practicing and my role in Oklahoma!


City Winery-Remembering Pete Seeger

On June 16th was one of the most unforgettable tributes to Pete Seeger at the City Winery! Such a wonderful night, curated by Mark Stewart who also performed in the house band throughout the night. Sharing the stage and playing banjo with such notable amazing musicians such as Tony and Sean Trischka, Suzzy Roche, Lucy Wainright-Roche, Marshall Crenshaw, Richard Barone, Janie Barnett, Larry Salzman, was such a thrill!

All Proceeds from the evening went to the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.

Oklahoma! wins TONY AWARD!!

Oklahoma! took home best revival of a musical at the 2019 Tony Awards! I have never ever played to an audience that big before! Over 5,000 people packed Radio City Music Hall and it was such a rush! Dancers, costumes, sets, lighting and having all the broadway shows represented was a highlight of my life so far! There was so much happening all at once, but I have to confess, Oklahoma company killed it! Here is a link to our TONY performance!


And to see our Ali Stroker take home the TONY for best featured actress in a musical was over the top! Big love to Ali for being such a major force in acting, singing, and as a role model!